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Online Startup Negotiation Lab

Prepare like a pro for the next negotiation challenge.

Startups get a quick overview on improving their negotiation skills:

  • tactics on the table
  • focus in preparation
  • difficult moments & dirty tricks
  • optimise off the table

This is combined with an online Q&A session for individual topics to discuss on your negotiation challenge.

€ 69.00

€ 39.00

Special promotion for lab on October 18th, 2019 10:00 CET.

What's in it

Improve my skills (00:40)

Negotiation styles and tactics
Value creation and claiming
How to create options
Process and cheat-sheet to prepare
Negotiation guideline (template)
Handle difficult moments and main dirty tricks
Optimisation off the table

Q&A session (00:20+)

Participants and trainers
Bring your questions and cases
Get feedback and how to improve

Your trainer: 20+ years negotiation expert

Petra Wolkenstein has been negotiating and calculating valuations for targets in Eastern Europe for more than 10 years. She has experience as an M&A manager in the Telecoms industry. Since 2012 she has been supporting and negotiating investor deals for startups in ASG and CEE with her experts company Konsultori. Her knowledge and experience is basis for our online courses which are held by her. She is also your reference person in the online Q&A sessions.

Find out more about Petra on her LinkedIn or on Konsultori.

Portrait Petra Wolkenstein

Customer Voices

Our Ag-Tech Startup Accelerator always aims at having motivating speakers and workshops in order to develop the founders‘ skillsets further. Petra Wolkenstein held an incredibly informative and exciting negotiations workshop where everyone had a lot fun while taking away numerous learnings. I can highly recommend her negotiations workshop to everyone who needs to improve in this field.

Alexander Kunst, Programme Manager

She provided me with invaluable insights on negotiation tactics and partnership building. Thanks to her inputs and council, I was able to bring my business culture to the next level.

Ognjen Ikovic, CEO
Bright Habitat

We really appreciate the great help and tips we received during Investor Dynamics training, and the valuable feedback and hands-on approach, which gave us a clear picture, what activities are most important for us and how to execute them.

Oliver Sögel, Co-Founder

It was great having you here Petra, thank you for all the support for the founders!

Andra Bagdonaitė
Associate & Program Manager, Startup Wise Guys

Thank you for the amazing negotiations training today at Startup Wiseguys and great mentoring session!

Sigvards Krongorns, CEO

Competence. Experience. Excellence. Full Commitment! Thank you for all the great workshops and coachings.

Dudu Gencel, Program Manager
Vienna Business Agency

Not only during the negotiation workshops I could gain extensive knowledge suitable for my startup Cardiomo in my growth phase, but also got valuable expertise (Finance, Cooperations, Investors) and contacts on building my business in Europe. You made a difference, thank you!

Ksenia Belkina, CEO

Dear Petra! It was a pleasure for me to learn from your experience today, it was a great 2nd level negotiations workshop, I’m looking forward to applying the learned knowledge in my future meetings and negotiations.

Diana Vysoka, Co-Founder

Really good! The virtualLAB was very informative with a lot of useful things to make a better approach to investors.

Guillaume Boulbes, CTO

Our customers and trainings

We have been training more than 180 startups in 3 years in workshops in Europe on negotiation tactics. Since 2003 we have negotiated successfully M&A deals, investor-startup and partnership deals for our customers.

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